Opalka 2010
Roman Opalka
Roman Opalka


"For the first time this book gives a comprehensive description of any exhibition of my self-portraits that I would not personally curate. This book is the only one that expresses and describes the rhythm between the empty space and my photographs. It is by far the most physical". Roman Opalka

Arranged in eleven, large foldouts, printed full-scale (24 by 30.5 cm), these Self-Portraits parallel Roman Opalkaʼs life and artistic approach since 1965. The artist wanted the blank pages placed between the series of photographs to suggest the space he would have given them had they been displayed in an exhibition.

Accompanying the foldouts is an essential text by Roman Opalka on his approach, as well as two poems by the great American poet David Shapiro, meant as a dialogue with Opalkaʼs work. Art critic Bozena Kowalska, who specializes in the artist's work, offers a passionate description of "Opalka's unique concept, his mocking way of getting even with time". The eminent François Barré has written a sensitive, finely tuned text on his view of the "self-portrait of time, a landscape of decline".

And finally, this work includes a recording of the artist intoning the numbers he paints.

This book is really a "book of the photographed work of the artist" for it is completely innovative.

The book is available at Editions courtes et longues: www.cleditions.com, or other web stores and in bookstores.

copyright Roman Opalka 2014