Opalka 2010

1931 Born in France to Polish parents
Djunek Siatecki, Eleonora Opalkowa-Siatecka,
Roman Opalka  
1935 Return to Poland with the family
1940 Deportation of the family to Germany
1945 Liberation of the family by the US Army and departure to France
1946 Return to Poland
1946-48 Education as a lithographer at the graphic school of Walbrzych Nowa Ruda
1949 Studies at the School of Art and Design in Lódz
1950 Meets his first wife Halszka (Alina) Piekarczyk
1950-56 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Alina Piekarczyk, Roman Opalka  
1957 First trip to Paris
1959-63 Serie of monochrome paintings in white
1963 Painting on the color white
1965 Beginning of the work OPALKA 1965/1 – ∞
  Prize at the Exhibition of Young Polish Painters in Sopot, Poland
1968 Broadening of his concept: first voice recording
  Grand Prize at the First British International Print Biennial, Bradford
1969 10th Sao Paulo International Art Biennial, Brazil
  Gold Medal for graphic arts at the exhibition «Gold Bunch of Grapes» in Zielona Gora, Poland

Sole and exclusive concentration on his work OPALKA 1965/1 – ∞
«The Critique’s Reward of Name K.C. Norwid» for the best personal painting
exhibition in Warsaw
Prize at the 3rd International Print Biennial, Krakow
Prize at the Second British International Print Biennial, Bradford
Prize at the 7th International Biennial Exhibition of Prints, Tokyo
Prize at the Art Museum Ohara, Tokyo
1971 First Prize of the Ministry of Arts and Culture of Poland
Marie-Madeleine and Roman Oplaka's wedding
in Krakau, surrounded with their sisters    
1972 First trip to the USA
1976 Meets Marie-Madeleine Gazeau
1976-77 DAAD’s scholarship in Berlin
1977 Settles in France
  Prize at the 14th Sao Paulo International Art Biennial, Brazil
1985-90 Visiting professor at the Summer Academy in Salzburg
1991 National Prize of Painting, Paris
1993 Kaiserring (King's Ring Prize), Goslar
Tommaso Trini, Roman Opalka, Lorand Hegyi
1996 Special Prize of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw
2009 Awarded Commander in the Order of Arts and Letters, Paris
  Gold Medal of the Cultural Merit « Gloria Artis », Warsaw
2011 August 6th, died in Chieti, Italy
copyright Roman Opalka 2014